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Tofu and Truth in Texas


The dynamic pace of life is responsible for many exciting new trends.  One not to be missed is the trend in healthy eating for more and more Americans every day. In  Franchesca Silveira’s latest blog post, she reveals a recipe for something that I could never have conceived on my own. It is vegan, full of good cholesterol, and is a heart healthy breakfast choice.

The recipe adds a minor twist on a timeless Texan food classic, eggs and chorizo. That is where the similarities start to peel away. The recipe 86’s the usual eggs in favor of the artery friendly egg alternative, Tofu. The chorizo also comes from the soybean, and the combination sure does look and sound delicious.

Dishes like this show that eating healthy can be done, and flavor need not be compromised. The trend in healthy eating, and home gardening is thriving here in Texas as well.

The climate and chance to grow so many organic vegetables, in home gardens, and boxes, is alive and well here in Texas. Today’s austerity economically is forcing us to become DYI er’s and the directions you could take your life in Texas is as wide open as the range is in West Texas, out by Big Bend National Park, Texas overlooked corner. There truly is a lifetime of peaceful healthy living, down here in Austin.

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