Sean A High Tech Industry

Jeff and I met when we got thrown together on a co-ed softball team. He ended up being our team manager. He cares about our team and makes sure every thing is taken care of. I quickly noticed this about him. He’s the type of guy who can’t ignore loose ends. He’s the type of guy you would want managing the biggest financial decision you’ll ever make! And the icing on the cake is: He’ll give you a REBATE!!!

After handing over the largest amount of money I may ever have to hand over, Jeff handing a significant portion of it back felt Awesome! Just when I found the perfect couch and love seat!

Jeff was accessible, helpful, and most of all, honest. He told me what to be worried about and what probably wouldn’t be an issue– which for a new homebuyer, was a relief to put my trust in someone with so much experience. He had an excellent pool of resources and referrals, but wasn’t at all pushy about it. It was nice to grab a bite and a beer with Jeff and casually talk about what I wanted in a house. He let me know that I was a priority and clearly set deadlines for himself and myself, and made sure that we made our goals. In fact, I know that he worked well into a Saturday night in order to get our proposal into the Sellers.

Did I mention REBATE? When’s the last time someone paid you to use their services? Um, I can’t think of any…