Andrew B Marketing Manager

If you are considering the services of a Realtor, look no further than Jeff Kessler of Austin Homes Realtors. We found Jeff a knowledgeable Realtor: (1) who does business using current electronic signature software (makes preparation of contract documents and changes super easy), (2) who was available well beyond the traditional business day (no crisis ever develops from 8:00-6:00), and (3) who rebated one-half of the sales commission at closing (a really big deal!) with no hidden fees or hourly charges (caveat: only for sales in excess of $100,000).  Jeff’s services and pricing deals are also available to sellers (sellers’ costs with Jeff are approximately 6% versus 8% with traditional Realtor pricing).  Jeff worked with us from start to finish, no slacking off once the purchase contract was signed. He was also very patient when finalizing the details of the purchase contract turned “interesting.”  Jeff helped to take some of the hassle out of buying our new home, and we think he can help you too.  You should definitely give him a call.