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How to Receive up to a 6% Cash Back Rebate on Your New Texas Home

Receive up to 6% of the sales price Rebated back to you at closing.

Save thousands of dollars on your New Home Purchase any where in the state of Texas. This Rebate is good at almost every New Home Builder in Texas.

Be sure when visiting any new builder to let the sales councelor be aware that you are working with Austin Homes, Realtors as your Broker

As a License Texas Broker we can help you buy New Homes anywhere in the State of Texas. That means we can help you get a Rebate on your Texas new home purchase. We have 15+ years of real estate expertise and have been a part of over 925+ closings. Every agent can give you a rebate, but can they give you full service along with their rebate?

How to qualify to get up to 6% back at closing?

The first step is to fill out the Buyers Agreement form and then proceed to your new area home builder. Then you register with the builder showing them the agreement and registering my name. The next step is to find the home of your dreams and get it under contract. I can help you with this process either over the phone or in person. Finally we will find out what the builder is paying in commission.

If the builder is paying 3 % you get back 2% CASH BACK
If the builder is paying 4 % you get back 3% CASH BACK
If the builder is paying 5% you get back 4% CASH BACK
If the builder is paying 6% or above you get back 5% CASH BACK
If the builder is paying 7% or above you get back 6% CASH BACK